Franchising Program

Franchising program


Coffee Time currently has over 110 locations and continues to focus on growth throughout Canada and internationally. Coffee Time has both single units and area development franchise opportunities, with non-traditional, kiosk, satellite, and full-producing outlet store types available for potential franchisees. At Coffee Time, we are dedicated to building strong franchise relationships with people who have a passion for the coffee industry and a drive to succeed.

No experience is required!



The Coffee Time Franchise System

Coffee Time offers a robust franchise system to prepare each new franchisee for success. Our franchise system includes:

  1. Site Selection & Lease Negotiation
  2. Business/Restaurant 3-Week Training Program
  3. Food and Equipment Sourcing
  4. Restaurant Opening Assistance
  5. Research and Development
  6. Marketing Positioning & Brand Awareness
  7. Advertising and Promotion
  8. Ongoing Business Development
  9. Pricing and Quality Controls

A Total Turnkey Package

The total cost of opening a Coffee Time store is typically in the range of $210,000.00 to $395,000.00. A large portion of this amount may be financed, although we recommend cash investments of at least 40%. Financing from ­financial institutions is available through government-supported small business loans, or we can facilitate ­financing for qualified candidates.


Development Cost Budget

Development Cost Budget

Cost of construction is site specific and may vary. Development costs do not include working capital, opening inventory, rent and utility deposits and legal expenses. All costs are subject to applicable sales taxes.


Once your location is up and running, there is a Royalty Fee of 5% of all sales per week.


To support the Coffee Time brand, Chairman's Brands will provide marketing materials such as flyers, contest promotion, and media awareness for as little as 3% per week, referred to as an Advertising Fee.


Interested in our Franchising Program? Read through our steps to ownership to begin the process.